Yong Heng Air Compressor 300bar 220V


Yong Heng Air Compressor 300bar 220V
With the Yong Heng 220V 300BAR Compressor, you can fill your PCP rifle yourself. Holding safety and durability in mind, the Yong Heng comes packed full of features and is easy to operate.


Yong Heng Air Compressor 300bar 220v

Technical Data
Charging Rate: 40-50L/min;1.5-1.8cfm
Working Pressure: 100-300bar, 1500-4500psi
Electric Motor: 220v 50hz single phase
Cooling: Water cooled
Shut Down: Manual stop
Pressure Indicate: Gauge
Filtration: Water pump/water separator
Lubrication Oil: ISO VG46 or AW 46
Dimensions: 360 x 200 x 380mm
Weight: 18kg
Noise: Less than 78 dB(A)
Air hose connection: 8mm quick connect fitting


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